Meet Our Team

About Chris

Chris Samet is a Marin native who has been actively involved with children’s physical education and camps since 1994. Over the years, Chris has fine-tuned the art of teaching and is committed to maximizing the potential of every one of his campers. Chris’ creative approach to fitness and fun assures an enjoyable experience for all children, regardless of their interests or abilities. Through his work at Neil Cummins, Hall Middle School, Kent Middle School, St. Patrick, Vallecito, and Bacich, he has inspired thousands of kids.

About Kami

Working with No Limits since 2012, Kami has an extensive background in court reporting, finance, and even coding, but her heart is in sharing laughter and love with the kids of No Limits. While she’s no stranger to picking flowers, paper maché and crafting highly-coveted friendship bracelets, Kami is a fierce addition to any kickball team. In collaboration with Chris, she leads No Limits in building the very best place for your child to learn and grow.

Our Team

At No Limits, our team’s leadership plays a crucial role in giving our kids the support and encouragement they need during their developmental stages. Our approach is to engage the most influential and resourceful players.  All of our team members have a minimum CPR/AED/First-Aid Certification.

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