Specialized Classes

Specialized Classes

In addition to our After School Program, we offer a variety of different classes throughout the year. Please see below for a list of our classes:

5-week session: (GR K-5) (Sep 4 – Oct 2) (1:45-3:15); Wednesdays Only

Our cooking classes are designed to build confidence and teamwork in making wonderful treats to take home and share with family and friends. Kids will learn the basics of cooking, mixin’ up ingredients and following recipes in a fun and creative environment.


5-week session: (GR 1-5) (Dates TBD); Mondays Only

Learn how to sew! This class is designed to teach kids how to create fun sewing projects. Students will learn sewing techniques using simple patterns; how to measure, cut, and pin fabric; how to hand stitch and embroidery stitch.

Kids Yoga

5-week session: (GR 1-5) (Sep 3 – Oct 1) (3:15-4:15); Tuesdays Only

This class is an introduction to traditional yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises, incorporated with lessons in creativity, positive thinking, personal awareness and (most of all) FUN!

Carpentry for Kids

6-week session: (GR K-5) (Sep 5 – Oct 10) (3:00-4:15) (4:15 – 5:30); Thursdays Only

Carpentry for Kids is an educational-enrichment program designed to teach kids woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools.  These skills include measuring, fractions, sawing, drilling, rasping, assembly, and much more, to create fun, functional, and beautiful projects!

Basketball (Co-ed)

5-week session: (GR PreK-TK) (Sep 9 – Oct 7) (3:15-4:15); Mondays Only

5-week session: (GR K) (Sep 9 – Oct 7) (3:15-4:15); Mondays Only

5-week session: (GR 1) (Sep 5 – Oct 3) (3:15-4:15); Thursdays Only

5-week session: (GR 2-3) (Sep 4 – Oct 2) (1:45-2:45); Wednesdays Only

Our basketball program provides a safe and encouraging environment for our players to jump, run, stop, reach and strut their stuff. Our carefully considered curriculum introduces the fundamentals of basketball.  Different levels are available, with each class tailored to skill level.

Girls Basketball

5-week session: (GR 1) (Sep 3 – Oct 1) (3:15-4:15); Tuesdays Only

5-week session: (GR 2-3) (Sep 3 – Oct 1) (3:15-4:15); Tuesdays Only

Our girls basketball program focuses on sharpening skills, learning and improving individual defense, dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork and much more!  Last 20 minutes left for scrimmaging.

Flag Football

5-week session: (GR 1-5) (Sep 5 – Oct 3) (3:15-4:15); Thursdays Only

Our Flag Football Program offers an introduction to flag football.  Learn the basics of blocking, passing, and running with the ball as well as basic defensive skills.

Mountain Biking

5-week session: (Dates TBD); Wednesdays Only

Join the Mountain Bike Club for selected terrain that ensures fun for all skill levels.  Along with learning and improving biking skills and disciplines, riders of all abilities will learn safety, bike maintenance, and trail etiquette.

Intro to Biking

4-week session: (GR PreK to K) (Sep 3 – Sep 24) (3:15-4:15); Tuesdays Only

4-week session: (GR 1-4) (Sep 3 – Sep 24) (3:15-4:15); Tuesdays Only

4-week session: (GR PreK to K) (Sep 6 – Oct 4) (3:15-4:15); NO CLASS 9/20; Fridays Only

4-week session: (GR 1-4) (Sep 6 – Oct 4) (3:15-4:15); NO CLASS 9/20; Fridays Only

This class is designed for kids ages 5 to 12 years old who are interested in learning how to bike or improve on their biking skills. Using our skills course and flat, traffic-free areas, we work with young riders on developing balance, coordination and confidence needed to ride independently. Must have training wheels removed before class.

Adventure Biking

5-week session: (GR 1-5) (Sep 6 – Oct 11) (3:15-4:15); NO CLASS 9/20; Fridays Only

Adventure Biking is designed for Grades 1-5 interested in riding off-site on various terrain, including local neighborhood trails.

Strider Bike Class

5-week session: (Ages 2yrs 9mo to 5) (Sep 12 – Oct 10) (1:15-1:45); Thursdays Only

This class is designed for kids ages 2 yrs 9 months to 5 years old. This class focuses on building confidence while working on scooting, coasting, and turns.

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