Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

At No Limits, we imagine a world where our kids are nurtured and encouraged to follow their hearts, to find their passions, to create a life of happiness.


We instill happiness by nurturing your child’s creativity, collaboration, and strength through participation in a well-balanced program of sports and art activities.


We believe that your child’s happiness today leads to a more fulfilling world tomorrow.



At No Limits, we recognize the importance of instilling a love of learning and building creative confidence at a young age. We achieve this by offering a variety of art activities and encourage all campers to participate.


We chose the name NO LIMITS because when we join together, we are stronger, and we have no limits! We promote collaboration and engagement over isolation. We understand that the interpersonal skills your child learns at a young age will stay with him or her for a lifetime.


Finally, our carefully selected activities allow your child to realize their inner and outer strength. We believe in kids acting like kids: running, jumping, cartwheeling, sprinting… we love to get out and get active.

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